Minimal Prep Veneers and All-Ceramic Crowns

Modern indirect aesthetic dentistry has moved away from conventional metal-based restorations and towards beautiful, natural looking all-ceramic options such as eMax.

These restorations have very specific preparation and bonding requirements if they are to perform optimally.

It is also vitally important to understand how to minimise tooth reduction while also maximising the aesthetic and functional result.

In this two day hands-on phantom head course participants will learn:

1. How to plan a case involving multiple anterior teeth.
2. How and why a wax up is used to plan, guide and control a case.
3. Which stents to use in the preparation stage.
4. How to use stents to minimise tooth reduction.
5. How to prepare a veneer and anterior crown with perfect surfaces and finish lines. Which burs
to use and when.
6. Impression taking: which retraction cord,  when and why.
7. How to take a consistently accurate impression. Tips and tricks to capture every detail.
8. Provisionalisation: which material and how to maintain perfect gingival health.
9. Shade taking to achieve predictable results with emax.
10. Lab communication to eliminate errors.
11. How to take accurate clinical photographs of your case to help the ceramist.
12. Correct bonding protocol for emax, which bonding resin, when and how.
13. Appropriate isolation for bonding.
14. Finishing and polishing for long term stability of restoration and soft tissues.

  • Course Fee £960